As president of Television by Design, Inc. since its inception in January 1983, I have been privileged to work with many exceptional people on many excellent projects. For our first 30 years we’ve been an award winning motion graphic design and consulting firm working with traditional Local Television Stations and Networks.

We created and executed distinctive on-air presentation strategies, print and online identities and memorable broadcast news, program and promotional presentations. Our designs have represented television station identities in over 130 television markets in the US, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

But much has changed in this time frame and we’ve been fortunate to witness a tremendous transformation in the way we acquire, process and transmit video and audio across a wide range of devices, screens and resolutions.

Going forward, I adjust our focus toward Special Projects in Media. I’ll be selectively applying the basic principles of “television” to create effective visual communications. I will also be doing some cleanup through the archives and will start posting selects here at Join the conversation or reach me through the coordinates below.

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